Intro of PLSpeak

The Web3.0 Social Platform

PLSPEAK is a Web3.0 Social Platform embedded with an information market protocol (forked from Augur) that lets users DISCUSS and TRADE on the world’s most highly-debated topics (politics, crypto trend, Sports, world events etc.).

You can build a portfolio based on your forecasts and earn a return if you are right. When you decide to buy shares in a market, you are making decision based on your own knowledge, research, and view of the future.

Mission of PLSpeak

PLSPEAK’s mission is to provide an unbiased social platform for everyone. Users can feel free to enjoy FREEDOM OF SPEECH in our platform, NO political correctness, NO censorship, we embrace different political sides and opinions, we also provide a protocol to allow users to back up their words by wagering on their beliefs.

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