Why PLSpeak


Quality of comment

Users would be given a badge showing the side they wagered and the size of their market shares(Whale, Shark, turtle, etc…). When an economic value is tied to their opinions, the credibility and quality of the comments could be visualized more clearly, and the general quality of comments would increase dramatically as well. Also, ownership of the user’s own opinion is also secured.

Freedom of speech

Polling in prediction markets brings up the controversy between 2 or more sides of opinions. Volume and interaction come with controversy and help to scale up our social platform, creating reinforcement feedback in the two systems. By collecting the market fee from the information market protocol and more social platform features add-on, we can generate revenue for supporting the operation of our social platform. Having a self-sustained source of revenue, we will be free from the censorship of user’s content in the fear of losing revenue from Ad.

Informative Value Putting your money in the voting, the market would show the most genuine information about a topic. Our platform enables us to filter out meaningless information easily and find the truth directly.


Lower gas fee, higher transaction speed with high level of security are enabled on PulseChain.

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