Sacrifice Details

Token allocation

$SPEAK will be a fair-launch token that all of its supply will be airdropped to our sacrifice contributors. Thus the total supply will fluctuate according to the amount of USD sacrificed in total.


PLSpeak sacrifice address:


PLSPEAK sacrifice

The PLSPEAK sacrifice is creating for people who believe there should be freedom of speech and no censorship should be allowed. If you support this movement and participated in the sacrifice, you will be reward with sacrifice point that allows you receive airdrop of $SPEAK token.

The number of tokens airdropped will be determined by how many sacrifice points the combined participants acquire.

Sacrifice rate

During the first 30 days of sacrifice (April 15 - May 15), you will receive 10000 points for every $1 that is sacrificed. After these 30 days, the rate will be lowered to 7000 point per $1 sacrificed until 15 days after Pulsechain mainnet launch day.

First Stage: $1=10000 token

Second Stage: $1=7000 token

The Bonus Multiplier

The largest sacrificed points will rank the bonus multiplier.

The bonus multiplier will start at 2.5X and end at 1X. The difference in the bonus percentage between each sacrifice address will always be the same.

The bonus multiplier will be determined by your final ranking on sacrifice list.

Accepted tokens

Ethereum Chain:

Binance Smart Chain:

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