$SPEAK token distribution details

Value capture

$SPEAK is a fair launch token that has its supply capped after the initial launch. In addition, a part of the market processing fee will be used to BUY & BURN $SPEAK. By fixing the total supply of $SPEAK and using the revenue of our protocol for BUY-back and BURN, $SPEAK would capture the value of our protocol when user base increases and $SPEAK holder could hugely benefit from its appreciation value.


Besides BUY & BURN, another sum of the market trading fee will be distributed to the $SPEAK Staker in STABLECOIN. As a $SPEAK holder, they could earn unlimited passive yield reward while enjoying the appreciation value of $SPEAK.

Reward for content creators

In the future, users will be able to support content creators on the PLSpeak platform by donating $SPEAK.


$SPEAK Token owner would enter our DAO to give suggestions as well as vote on suggestions about the development of our platform. Beta versions with the latest added feature of our platform will also be exclusively opened to our token holders.

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